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3.5 stars

Astro Runner – Android Game Review

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  • The Good

    Free to download!
    Great addictive gameplay

  • The bad

    Adverts in the game
    music and sound effects are pretty basic

  • Gameplay ( 7.5 )
    Graphics ( 6 )
    Music ( 6 )
  • Total score 6.5

This game i will be reviewing is Astro Runner by AppAttic Ltd and this game is available for IOS, Android and windows devices! Its free to download which is cool to start off with!

Astro Runner is a 2d platform runner game where you control what looks to me like an astronaut and you have to jump and crawl over and under obstacles, the aim of the game is to stay alive as long as you can to rack up your high score.  astrrr

My initial thoughts of Astro Runner was wow its like playing super mario all over again, that nostalgia feeling was coming back to me. The graphics are a pixelated retro style which really suits this type of runner game.  The chiptune type of music playing in the background again suits the theme of the game but it plays in a loop so can be repetitive, the sound effects are basic when jumping and dying. A bit more variations of music and sound effects would be a great added feature for Astro Runner.


The controls and gameplay are pretty much straight forward you just tap one side of the screen to crawl and the other to jump. Timing is the key for this game as most platform runner games, you need to make sure you tap at the right time to make the jump.  Only think that annoyed me in the gameplay like most games now, adverts pop up at the start and during the game.  Astro Runner can be quite addictive as you can keep coming back to play to try and beat your score. A cool added feature is that you can try and beat other people high score on the Google leaderboards which makes the game a bit more competitive!

Astro Runner is a great runner/platform game made for anyone to play, don’t forget its free to download!