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5 stars

Banished – PC Game Review

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  • The Good

    Great gameplay that has you playing for hours
    Realistic characters and graphics

  • The bad

    Difficult to gather resources such as stone and iron if you are a beginner

  • Gameplay ( 10 )
    Graphics ( 10 )
    Music ( 9 )
  • Total score 9.7

I have finally got round to playing a game i brought a few months ago, its called ‘Banished’ and its on the PC by Shining Rock software, its £14.99 on Steam.


I thought id review a PC game as i have been reviewing mobile games the past few weeks. Anyway, Banished has been hyped up and is meant to be really good so thought id finally play it. Did it live up to the hype? Yes it did! The graphics are great, not amazing but that isn’t the most important thing in this game! The Simplicity of the controls and the layout of the different buttons are really important in this game. There is also a help button in the game which tells you about each different area of the game which can be really helpful!

Banished is a survival strategy game similar to dont starve but it has a much more realistic theme than don’t starve. A group of people are stranded in the wilderness and have to fend for themselves so that they survive. Its a city builder type game where your people have to gather food by growing crops, fishing, hunting etc. Build houses for obvious reasons, collect resources and just generally live! It seems quite easy doesn’t it? However it is quite challenging as you have to make sure you juggle of them without doing too much or too less of one thing. For example you need firewood for the winter so you need to be stocked up on wood and food for the winter which can be a struggle!


Every decision you make in Banished is vital because if you dont get enough food your people will starve, or they will freeze to death if they haven’t got warm clothes or enough firewood, you have to build houses also for the reason that young people will reproduce so that you have more people that can work. Along the way there are also disasters that can happen to you and your people, there are diseases, fires, tornadoes and more that also make things a little bit harder in the game. One of the biggest struggles i had whilst playing the game was gathering enough resources such as wood, iron, stone etc. This is because there are lots in the virtual word however once you have gathered all of them you can only mine or trade things. Trading is really hard as traders only come about a couple of times a year and you can only buy certain things each time.

I have been playing Banished for a fair few hours the last couple of days trying to come up with new strategies on how to stop my people from starving or freezing to death and this means that this game has never ending game play and will keep you entertained for hours. It is really interesting and sometimes frustrating but if you like survival games like this then Banished is your game it truly is one of the best survival games i’ve played in a while.