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4.5 stars

Broken Age – Act 1 – PC Game review

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  • The Good

    The graphics are brilliant and are really eye catching some of the scences are like a work of art
    Witty Dialogue

  • The bad

    Very short gameplay
    Need more complex puzzles in the game

  • Gameplay ( 9 )
    Graphics ( 10 )
    Music ( 8 )
  • Total score 9.0

The game formerly known as “Double Fine Adventure” has finally made its debut. Broken Age on the PC, follows the lives of Shay and Vella, two young teenagers yearning to escape from their predestined paths. Although the description sounds coming-of-age generic, the stories and puzzles are anything but.Shay has lived his entire life on a spaceship designed for toddlers. Day after day he’s forced in to the same boring routine by the ship’s “mother,” an overbearing computer unwilling to allow him to take care of himself. Struggling with his confined life, Shay manages to discover a secret part of the ship and quickly experiences what it means to have real responsibility.


In Broken Age, Vella wakes up on the last day of her life, preparing to uphold the long-standing tradition of being eaten by a giant abomination named Mog Chothra to keep her village safe. A town that once prided itself on raising fierce monster-fighting warriors.She rises up to fight against her supposed destiny of becoming a delectable treat for Mog Chothra and breaks free to search for a way to defeat the monster before it consumes her town.

Whilst playing Broken Age i had a very nostalgic feeling, like an old school children’s game but in a good way. The simple point and click style of game play works great and really does the game justice. The story lines are really intriguing and make you want to carry on playing. The graphics are brilliant and are really eye catching some of the scenes are like a work of art and you can really notice the amount of detail that has gone into this game. The dialogue of the characters in the game is witty and unique which makes the game even more enjoyable to play. Some of the puzzles in the game can be a little bit confusing and hard to understand and a couple took me a little while to work out, but others were too easy! I think i would like to see some more complex puzzles in the next act of the game. The most annoying thing about the game is how short it is, you just start getting into the game and it ends with a cliff hanger! Now we have to be patient and wait for act 2!Broken-Age-Hero-001