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3.5 stars

Caribbean Catch- IOS Game Review


  • The Good

    Nice bright and eye-catching graphics and design
    Simple, quick and addicting gameplay
    Free to play!
    No in-app purchases!

  • The bad

    A bit too easy to play need to be more levels or variations of gameplay
    Music is nice at first but can be a bit annoying after a while

  • Gameplay ( 7 )
    Graphics ( 8 )
    Music ( 7 )
  • Total score 7.3

I am reviewing Caribbean Catch by Doug Harper which is on IOS devices at the moment, FREE to download!

Caribbean Catch is a survival strategy game, you have to control a coconut and try to catch the falling umbrellas that are all over the screen. Everyone you catch your score goes up by 1, so you have to try and accumulate the highest score you can get, and keep trying to beat it! catch

My first thoughts of Caribbean Catch was wow the graphics look great, really colourful and eye-catching, simple layout of the game, you can click play straight away or rate the game or see the leader boards. The music i thought was great at first, its steal drums playing in the Caribbean theme in a really catchy beat, however after a few goes it did get a tad bit annoying and repetitive so i decided to turn off the sound!

The gameplay in Caribbean Catch is really simple and quick, i can see how it can be addictive as you are constantly trying to beat your high score, however i think the gameplay is a bit limited, i would like there to be more variation of levels as it can be a bit easy, on my first go i racked up a high score of 353!

One thing i did really like is that there were hardly any adverts or pop ups and there was no in-app purchases yay!coco

I think Caribbean Catch  is great for passing the time, really simple and easy to play. I’d recommend this game for gamers who like survival strategy games similar to this.