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3 stars

Cookie Dunk Dunk IOS Game Review

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  • The Good

    Free to download
    Addicting Gameplay

  • The bad

    Difficulty is a bit high at the beginning
    Needs to be more unique as similar to competitors
    Repetitive music

  • Gameplay ( 7 )
    Graphics ( 7 )
    Music ( 5 )
  • Total score 6.3

Do you like cookies? Wanna play a game that’s to do with cookies? Then here it is! I am reviewing a game called Cookie Dunk Dunk by Seven Gun Games and it is available on IOS devices and soon to be Android devices for FREE! Yes you heard me right FREE! cookieeee

So lets get started, Cookie Dunk Dunk is a puzzle game and it reminds me of the games that people always send requests for on facebook, i.e Bejeweled and candy crush.  In Cookie Dunk Dunk you have to match 3 or more of the same characters to earn points, the higher the combos the more points and powerups you will earn. Power ups consist of extra lives or upgrades to help improve your gameplay and make it more fun! You have to beat each level but reaching a certain score or clearing a number of characters from the grid. You then gain access to the next level. Sounds easy doesn’t it?! Well it isn’t always that easy because you face difficult challenges on each level such as time limits and a restricted amount of moves, this makes it really tough. You play through levels on different planets that follow the same theme as the game, yes you guessed it cookies! Once you have completed all of the levels on one planet you move onto a more difficult planet.

Its not just your standard puzzle game that you may get bored of after a while, you can play mini-games which you can unlock after completing each planet. These are games like cookie cooker and cookie drop which bring a whole new aspect to the game, this is important in games like this because sometimes gamers get bored of the initial game-play i know i do with some games! These mini-games keep gamers interested and addicted to Cookie Dunk Dunk.


The Graphics in Cookie Dunk Dunk are really wacky and unique, amusing characters which have their own personalities this all adds to this great game. The sound effects are pretty cool and as mentioned before the characters all have their own noises and sounds when you touch them. However the music playing in the background while you are playing the game is repetitive and pretty annoying.

I think maybe the difficulty levels start off pretty difficult such as the restriction on moves makes it tough to beat the early levels however once you get used how the game works it seems to get better. Also i think there are too many of these puzzle match 3 kind of games on the market at the moment they are all pretty similar.

I think Cookie Dunk Dunk is a great puzzle game if you like these match 3 kind of games, i think 7gungames should have just tried to not compete with the big games such as bejeweled and candy crush as it is a tough competition in this genre of games.