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3.5 stars

Dodge Dots- IOS Game Review


  • The Good

    Nice simple graphics and control

  • The bad

    Short gameplay that can get boring after a few games
    Should be free

  • Gameplay ( 7 )
    Graphics ( 7 )
  • Total score 7.0

Dodge Dots is another game from Pickion Games by Harry Tran, the other one i have review is Dont bomb the eggs. Dodge the dots is on IOS devices, now i looked online on the Itunes store and it said it was free however when i went to download on my ipad it was 69p. So i paid the 69p anyway but this is an error and this nearly made put me off  before i had even played the game, its a genuine mistake i hope. oppopo

Dodge Dots does what it says on the tin, you have to move your cursor (small dot) around this box without hitting the other dots you have 5 lives  you have try and beat your highest score of how many seconds you can last without losing all your lives. The longer you play the more dots appear on the screen, infact every 5 seconds more dots appear.

Anyway i opened up the game and my first thoughts were oh the graphics look a bit basic but never the less i continued to play, as i played on i  thought to myself i’m quite glad the graphics aren’t too bright or in your face because that would put me off the game, the simple graphics and controls are really important and compliment Dodge Dots.  There is no soundtrack or music in the game but there are sound effects when you get hit by the dots which add to the game, however i played with the sound off.


I don’t think Dodge Dots is worth 69p it is a small game to kill a bit of time when you are bored which can be fun but not for long, only played it a few times for about 5 minutes a time cant see myself going back and wanting to play it too often. I think if it was free then people might be more willing to download and play the game.