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5 stars

Dont Starve – PC Game review

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  • The Good

    Different worlds every time you play which keeps you interested
    Different challenges throughout the game

  • The bad

    After you die you go back to the beginning on day one which is frustrating.

  • Gameplay ( 10 )
    Graphics ( 10 )
    Music ( 9 )
  • Total score 9.7

I recently started playing Don’t Starve on my PC and was instantly hooked. I had Read reviews for it and they all seemed really good so thought it give it a go. Don’t Starve is an adventure/strategy/point and click type of game where you are placed in a strange world where you have to survive by collecting objects, crafting tools and other necessities, make fires, fight animals and obviously find food so that you DON’T STARVE!


In Dont Starve you have three different meters, one is a hunger meter which lets you know how full you are, next is the sanity meter which lets you know how sane you are, and the last one is the health meter obviously tells you how much health you have. Seems pretty simple right? Well its a bit more complex than it seems. You are faced with different problems all the time such as eating a poisonous mushroom which results in your sanity to go down, if your sanity goes right down you start to hallucinate and ghosts will haunt you and kill you. If you chop trees down at a certain part of the day the Tree boss i like to call him will chase you and kill you. Death is a huge part of the game, once you die you start from the very beginning again (which is frustrating) but it means everytime you die you learn something new and it will help you next time you play.

Theres a counter on the screen that counts how many days you have survived, like in real life there is day time and night time. Once you hit night time you will be complete darkness where things will happen to you like you will be eaten. So you have to solve all these kinds of issues throughout the game to survive! You have to see how long you can survive without being killed or starving to death.


The reason i got so hooked on Dont Starve was that each time you play the world is different so you will face different problems each time so its like a whole new game. Ive managed to get to day 15 so far where i created, a cooking pot, a garden to grow my own vegetables, a tent, walls around my camp, a permenant fire and so on, i spent a fair few hours on this game and felt like i hadnt even scrached the surface of this game there is so much to do and learn. The game is really thought through and is really great gameplay, brilliant graphics, sound and controls. I really enjoy games like this where you have to build and gather resources. Like i said the only con was that after you died you had to start from day one.