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4 stars

Kelsos Quest- IOS Game Review


  • The Good

    Eye-catching graphics and bright colours
    Great for children or young people as well as adults

  • The bad

    In app-purchases play a bit part of the game

  • Gameplay ( 8 )
    Graphics ( 9 )
    Music ( 7 )
  • Total score 8.0

This game review is going to be for Kelso’ s Quest;Embark on an Epic Journey by Avocoder game developers. It’s available on IOS devices only at the moment. The game is free to download and does have a few adverts in it which can be removed for a small price (i hate that)!


Kelso’s quest is a sweet puzzle/adventure game where Kelso the koala has lost his baby cub and you have to travel through different levels where you face some tough challenges. You have to guide Kelso around the levels creating and clearing his path so that he can get through safely, there are enemies and villains preventing this from happening though! You have to move objects to stop enemies from chasing you and firing their weapons at you. You also have to collect feathers in each level to complete the level. As you continue to play you can unlock different levels and different worlds which makes the game really interesting as each level is different to the next.

The graphics are really good, bright colours and cute and artistic designs. There isn’t any annoying music just quirky sound effects throughout the game which really compliment the game play.


The only negative thing i have to say about this game is that it has in app purchases and as it seems that this games main audience will be children and young people this could cause problems as you can buy accessories for Kelso from the shop and buy gold for items which cost quite a bit. Or you can unlock the different worlds if you are impatient and don’t want to wait and play through the game.

This game is great for the family to play, children would love this game as well as adults, some of the levels really make you test your brain to move all of the obstacles and collect the feathers in the right order so you don’t die. I can see it being challenging for smaller children but however it is still a great game with fun game play and eye catching graphics/designs.