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4.5 stars

Pewma- IOS Game Review

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  • The Good

    Free to download!
    Great addictive gameplay
    Eye-catching theme, art and graphics

  • The bad

    Bit difficult to play at the start could change difficulty levels

  • Gameplay ( 8 )
    Graphics ( 10 )
    Music ( 8 )
  • Total score 8.7

This review is going to be of Pewma by Chimango games which is FREE to download for IOS and Android devices. pewma_screen_2

Pewma is a challenging survival game which is inspired by native South American traditions, in the game you have to guide your light upwards and dodging obstacles that will get in your way,  your light is going from side to side and you have to choose when to tap the screen to move upwards onto the next level. Reflexes and speed are the key to this game. If you have quick reflexes then this is the game for you. If you run into the dragon characters you will die and have to start from the beginning. Unless you collect enough fireballs you then receive a shield so that you can stay alive longer, if you run into one of the dragons and you are allowed to carry on. You have to build up your score while collecting fireballs to add to your score and try to beat your highest score each time.

When playing Pewma, i really enjoyed the eye-catching graphics and art of the game its South American theme is really unique and colourful.

The music and sound effects really fit the theme Chimango are going for, dramatic drums play in the background which feel like they are speeding up the pace you are playing at which is great adding pressure on you to tap the screen. Along side this the screen is constantly moving up so you are again under pressure to make sure you don’t get caught after the screen has moved up.


The gameplay is great, its so addictive! ! The first few times i played and struggled to get past a score of about 200, it is a bit tricky to get the hang of Pewma but after them few goes i couldn’t stop playing! I think that maybe it should start a bit easier to ease people into the game and then build up the difficulty as the game goes along.

I would definitely recommend downloading Pewma its fun for everyone and really addictive! It can bring hours of fun!