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3.5 stars

Profiteer – Android Game Review


  • The Good

    A lot of detail has gone into the trading process in the game
    Retro graphics are great for the game

  • The bad

    Gameplay can be confusing even after playing the tutorial
    Sounds and voices are annoying

  • Gameplay ( 7 )
    Graphics ( 6 )
    Music ( 7 )
  • Total score 6.7

If you like trading/business games then this is the game for you! Profiteer is available on Android devices you can buy the lite version for free or buy the full game for £1.29 which i did. Its been produced and designed by Roksoft.

Profiteer is a trading simulation/business type of game where you can travel all over with your truck all over the galaxy and trade with alien type characters. I suggest in the beginning playing through the tutorial (make sure you do) which is very helpful because the game can take quite a bit to get your head round there is a lot going on in the game which the tutorial explains.


Once you’ve completed the tutorial, get stuck in the game! You start by borrowing some money from the space bank with a 4% interest rate. With this money in your pocket you can buy your first cargo and then you get to travel to a different planets and sell certain items for a profit.

Your main goal  in Profiteer is to buy different gear which is at a low price and sell it for a higher price . Throughout the game the cargo gets of more value which means more profit! When you are making enough money dont forget to pay off your loan! With your profits, you can upgrade your plane, to buy a new one and other upgrades which help you progress further in the game to make more money. Similar to real life there are other competitive traders who will try to sabotage your truck or move your trade routes to take all the money for themselves. Which is great because this makes the game more interesting and competitive, definately more realistic!


The repetitive music and the computertised voices in the game did start to annoy me and i did have to turn off the sound, its important to get the soundtrack/music correct in games so its not off putting. The graphics arent the best but then again they compliment the space retro feel. These issues are only small though when you compare them to the complexity and addictiveness of the game, it doesnt really have a huge effect on the game with the great aspect of the trade and different quests within this game. Roksoft really have looked into the detail of the game especially when every trade item and every planet carries has a lot of detail and you can find our more about them which is cool.

Profiteer is is a cool little android game that you could play for a few hours it can get a bit repetitive which is a bit annoying and off putting but it has been made brilliantly and i can see how it has that addictive feel to it that we all know and love.