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4.5 stars

Tanuki Forest – IOS Game Review


  • The Good

    Amazing graphics truely stunning art as you play through the game
    In app purchases are hidden away and not really needed in game

  • The bad

    Controls can be a bit difficult at times and reaction time after you have moved your animal can be a bit slow.

  • Gameplay ( 8 )
    Graphics ( 10 )
    Music ( 8 )
  • Total score 8.7

Mighty Mill Games have produced and published their new game Tanuki Forest for iOS. The game follows different forest creatures on a quest to save fellow animals from the dark forces that have appeared in his mysterious world. I initially thought it would be like flappy bird and that slightly put me off before i had even began playing it, but when i played it i recognised that although it has the same kind of gameplay as flappy bird it was SO much better.


Tanuki Forest is like an endless survival game, you have to fly your character from left to right as far as you can before dying. In each game, players tap on the screen to make the creature fly upwards, and release to allow him to fall back down. Rewards called Kami’s are scattered throughout the forest, which need to be collected to unlock new items in the game’s store. Meanwhile, you have to save different animals that are floating in midair, and they are added to the character’s tail when they are saved. These animals are then dropped off when you go through arches that appear in each stage, this takes the animals to safety.

I was really impressed with the detail that has gone into this game, the 2d hand painted graphics are really eye catching and really make the game enjoyable. The gameplay is really addictive, as you want to beat how far you can get each time before your animal crashes into something and dies. The controls for the game are pretty good the original animal you play with can be a little bit slow to move about but other than that the controls are easy to understand.


There are in app purchases in Tanuki Forest you can buy to receive more Kami’s but you can collect enough if you play through the game, so i felt like i didnt need to buy anything in the game which is great. The in app purchases aren’t in your face like they are in some games, it is hidden away so that it isnt really easy for you to find so this is great if children are playing.

I really liked that you could collect mystery boxes which have different animals in them that move around the mysterious world differently, for example some you have to tap the screen to go down some to go up and so on.

I would recommend Tanuki Forest its £1.49 to play on IOS and its a truely artistic game with that addicting nature of gaming we all love!