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3.5 stars

Techno Dash – IOS Game Review


  • The Good

    Simple layout
    Great addicting gameplay
    Informal tutorial at the beginning

  • The bad

    Music can get repetitive
    Control can be difficult to get the hang of

  • Gameplay ( 7 )
    Graphics ( 8 )
    Music ( 6 )
  • Total score 7.0

Every been curious as to what its like to fly through space? Well with Techno Dash you can now experience it virtually.  The developer of Techno Dash is Hammerwing Studios. Its available on IOS, Android for free or you an play it on your PC for 2.99.  Hammerwing Studios are currently apart of the Steam Greenlight campaign so if you like their game please help them to get it on steam!steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_304154334_previewsd

Techno Dash is a 3D endless flyer, you are in control of your spaceship and you have to fly through space dodging any obstacles that will get in your way during your journey. You have to collect star bits to make a whole star piece which keeps the civilization running smoothly! You get credits when you collect these star bits and you can use them to spend on upgrades for your ship or items to help you on your journey.


First thoughts of Techno Dash is that the graphics are great, clear layout in the game menu, you have all of the options you need and not too much text which is great. One of the best things about this game is that you have a tutorial the first time you play Techno Dash, i can’t stress enough how much gamers appreciate a tutorial in a game because sometimes games come without any instructions and its very off putting. If i play a game and it is confusing and gets me stressed because i don’t know the controls or how to play i will just quit and delete. Great feature to the game as i said gives you a real feel to the game. After the tutorial you play for real, you have to steer and guide your ship by moving your device up, down, left, right. I must admit this can be difficult to get the hang of as the sensitivity is too much. However, you can change the sensitivity in the options which helped a bit. I think Techno Dash should have arrow keys to control the ship as another option of controlling your ship as i personally would prefer using them. This game is a lot harder than you think, but that isn’t necessarily a negative thing because it creates a challenge and brings in that addictive nature of a game that we all know and love.


The music sticks to the space theme and really adds to the game, it is repetitive however and can get slightly annoying after a while of playing. The game-play is addicting and fun and also never ending! The longer you play the harder it gets but it all adds to the challenge of the game. Overall its a great 3D endless flyer which you can have fun playing for hours!