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4 stars

Uppercup Football- Android Game Review


  • The Good

    Great game with very simple controls
    Each team looks different and each match has different challenges
    Really addicting game

  • The bad

    Distracting music and overpowering with sounds in the match but you can turn them off in options

  • Gameplay ( 9 )
    Graphics ( 8 )
    Music ( 6 )
  • Total score 7.7

Following the whole football theme with the World Cup thats just began, i thought i would review a football game thats on both IOS/Android devices, its called Uppercup Football by Motion Twin.


Uppercup Football is like living the world cup but with your own miniature team! You have to play against some of the strangest looking but best football teams in the world. You travel all over playing different teams, you play 5 matches in each cup and then if you win the cup you move onto the next cup matches. But its not as simple as it sounds. You face barriers in each match, for example there are explosives on the pitch that if you player runs over them they and the football will be thrown across the pitch, not necessarily the way the want them to go! Its a one touch game where you only need to use one hand to press a button, your players pass and kick the ball by using this one button. There is an arrow that moves around the player so you can choose which way you want to shoot/pass the ball. Your main and only aim is to win the world cup!

My first thoughts Uppercup Football were oh no not another pixelated graphics game. However as i played on it really works for this type of game. The detail of the different players was something that i really enjoyed, every team you play has different looking players some which are really weird and wacky looking! You can see that a lot of effort has gone into the games graphics, the pitch as well with the different obstacles all look great. The music is quite distracting however it is okay for quiet background music but if i had it too loud it really distracted me from the game and was quite overwhelming combined with the sound effects, however in the options you can turn off the music and/or sound effects which is always a bonus. The controls of the game as i have mention are really simple and after the two or three training matches you really get into the game and then i must admit i couldnt put the game down! I think the only thing i think could be improved is the difficulty level of the matches, most seemed far too easy and i could win the match withing 30 seconds in some of them however in the next it would take me ages to score a goal and then it would repeat. I think it should be more balanced, starting with easier matches and gradually getting more difficult.


There is a free version which is a shorter version of Uppercup Football or you can buy the full version which is on sale at the moment for £2.42. this unlocks more levels and you are able to customise your teams kit. This is a great game and really worth playing, gets you into the world cup mood!